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What's in each eBook

The eBook on the left – Write a Winning Job Application, contains exactly the same content as the paper copy of the book with the same name.

Success at Interviews and Resumes that Win Interviews, are based on the material in Write a Winning Job Application, but relevant material from different sections of the large book are collated into each smaller eBook.

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About The eBooks


Now with even more information than previous editions, the updated 5th edition is the largest, most comprehensive resource available for job seekers today. Written by Lloyd White, a Career Change Consultant with over 25 years experience in assisting Australian job seekers, “Write A Winning Job Application” covers every aspect of job applications:

  • Online applications
  • Writing an Application Letter – 4 examples
  • Creating a compelling, interesting résumé
  • Addressing selection criteria, with special assistance for the 48 most common selection criteria used today
  • Preparing for an interview in 7 easy stages with 250 prepared interview questions
  • Government and private job applications.
  • Applying for government, including senior positions and private sector jobs
  • APS positions
  • Capability frameworks
  • TAFE lecturing jobs

38,000 copies of previous editions sold throughout Australia.


Prepare to sell yourself and win that job

No one likes being interviewed, but no one gets a job without some type of interview, so you need to know how to prepare for it so you present yourself well and get the job.

There is no shortage of advice on how to prepare for the interview and how to act during the interview. Look up the Internet or at any magazine and you will be given all the obvious advice, some of it contradictory, like “arrive early, have a haircut, don’t under-dress, don’t overdress, be yourself, power-dress, shake hands, smile, be spontaneous, rehearse your answers, have clean shoes, be polite, use buzz-words, don’t use buzz-words, be assertive, don’t sit until you are invited to sit” and “SELL YOURSELF”.

Of course, you know you have to “sell yourself” to the interviewer, but what does that mean and how do you do it?

To sell yourself you must first know what the employer needs and how you can meet those needs. Once you have identified what you have to sell you can create your sales pitch – your sales messages to put across to the selection panel. This is most important part of your preparation for an interview. In this book you will find constant references to your sales messages, as without them you won’t be able to convince interviewers that you are the person they need.

This eBook tells you how to prepare all the material you will need to answer the questions, to present yourself positively and introduce extra information that will tip the balance in your favour. It promotes strongly the idea that you should take the responsibility for the conduct and result of the interview, present the information that you wish to present as well as answer the questions that will be asked.

This book focuses on how to handle questions that ask for specific examples, scenario questions and general questions.

This is an entirely new approach to preparing for an interview. Read the book, follow the suggestions, rehearse your sales pitch and go into the interview prepared as you never have been prepared before. You will have all the evidence you will need to WIN THAT JOB!


Target your resume to get that interview

Almost all recruitment agencies, employers or selection panels in government agencies ask for a résumé or a CV. In Australia they mostly ask for a Résumé. The word résumé means “a brief statement that presents the main points in a concise form”. You could say it is a résumé of your CV. They might also ask you to respond to a set of Selection Criteria or Work Related Requirements and to fill out an application form, but they always as for a résumé.

This book will tell you everything you need to know about preparing a résumé and will guide you through the process.

Some recruiters are limiting the number of pages in a CV in order to make the applicant focus on the main points and not include information that they think irrelevant. For example, they might not be interested in your current study or community involvement or recreational pursuits. Most advertised positions simply say to send in a résumé and covering letter.

If you are asked to respond to the selection criteria in a résumé, it makes the process even more complicated. In this book you will see a chapter on how to do this.

The focus in this book is on writing a targeted résumé, a résumé that is especially written for a target job, or a specific area of work, not a résumé that you will send with any application for any job. This might be new to you and if you are not already targeting your résumé it might be the reason you are not getting interviews.

In this book will find all the information you need to make the decisions on what to include and how to write it.

There are two examples of targeted resumes with different headings, but when writing your résumé the choice is yours.

Don’t just have a résumé that is mainly a boring employment history. Think of a résumé as a sales brochure on you; a brochure that shows how your skills and experience are a perfect fit for your target job.

Target your résumé on the job WIN AN INTERVIEW.