Graduates - Get Your First Real Job

Applying for Graduate Position Jobs

Graduates from University or TAFE will be looking for Graduate Positions in both Federal Government, State Government or private companies. The Australian Public Service (APS) offers a wide variety of Graduate positions.

Chapter 13 will help you in applying for graduate positions and give you a strategy for job search and addressing the selection criteria. Graduate selection criteria can be difficult to understand and to answer, but this chapter will help you through the process.

Chapter 13 includes:

  • Preparing a strategy for securing your first job
  • Building up your competency list
  • Identifying your special skills learned from courses – Science, Social science and by being a successful student
  • Graduate programs – government and private

Here is a short excerpt:

Preparing a strategy for securing your first job

Obtaining a graduate position that uses your academic knowledge and skills requires planning. It is not just a matter of waiting for a job advertisement and applying for it. You require a strategy to market yourself to potential employers. You then need to prepare material to use in job applications. This includes your résumé, letter of application and examples of how you have applied your skills so that you can respond to selection criteria.

Prepare your strategy early in your final year. No graduate can wait until after the exams or when positions are advertised. You need to think about targeting likely employers and sending them your résumé and letter, and you need to investigate the graduate programs offered by government departments and private firms. Your university or TAFE careers adviser will be able to help you with this. You also should be prepared to apply for positions advertised towards the end of the year. The counsellors also will help you with model résumés. See the end of this chapter for an example of a government graduate program application.

Some graduate programs close midyear. Large firms and government agencies start the…


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