Job Application Letter

Essential Tips: Writing a Job Application Letter

Chapter 20 gives ideas for style, format and content of application letters or letters to accompany your application. There are four examples for you to look at and modify for your own purposes.

Here is a small sample of one of the suggested formats.

Mr Tom Smith
Human Resource Manager
Southport Services
Hobart St
Adelaide  SA   5012


Dear Mr Smith

I am applying for the xyz position in ….

The services your agency offers ……. has attracted me to apply for this position.

Your focus on high quality customer service and your commitment to …. reflects the strengths I have developed in my eight years of ….

I consider I can make a worthwhile contribution to the …. in your organisation.


I have a degree in …. from …  My work at the DCP  is based on my… I have a strong record of …

Fostering the improvement of ….. have been vital duties I relished as a …. officer.  

As Program Developer at ……I led a program called which has been acknowledges as ….

At DCP I coordinated the … Program and worked with my management colleagues to develop the …. for the program.

In 2011 I received the award for ……. from …. at …

I believe I have the necessary qualifications to be a part of your vision and fulfill the role of …and… to serve as a model of an engaged …..

I would be delighted to be considered for the position of … I look forward to the opportunity to meet with you in person to discuss my qualifications further. I am attaching my resume.

Thank you very much for your consideration.



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