Personal Help

Lloyd White

Lloyd White, the author of Write a Winning Job Application provides consultancy services online, Skype and face to face, to assist you in your application or interview.

Reviewing your application by email.


Have your application reviewed and edited before sending it in. Email me using the form to the right making sure to attach the Duty Statement and your application.

Your material will be analysed, edited and feedback provided using colour coded comments.

This will indicate:

  • if your response is targeted on the criterion and duty statement,
  • where you have wandered off track,
  • where you need more information,
  • any information that is irrelevant and could be deleted,
  • whether you are “demonstrating” your skill or just claiming it,
  • what you need to do to improve it.

The turn around time is usually only a day or two.

The fee is $70 for a once-off review for an application of no more that 8 pages. Additional pages are charged at $5 per page. Follow-up reviewing, if required, is charged by the time taken.

Payment is made by Electronic Funds Transfer into my account; details will be provided.

Face-to-face assistance in preparing your Response.

If you live in Perth are able to attend a face-to-face session, this is the most efficient way of getting assistance as it often saves a lot of rewriting. The aim is to get you a high standard response and application.

Make an appointment to see me at my City Beach office/home by phoning 9385 8174. Bring your Duty Statement and Selection Criteria and Resume.

We go through each of the criteria and discuss:

  • What the criteria mean and how they relate to the duty statement
  • How to respond to each criteria
  • The best examples to offer in your response
  • How to format your response
  • Your resume is also checked and advice given on how to improve it

Email me your responses as you write them and they will be edited and checked as in the Review above. I will coach you through the whole application until we are both satisfied that your response is as good as it can be.

My fee for this is $130, paid at our initial meeting.

Using Skype™ for - Face-to-face consultancies.

Interview preparation / mock interviews.

Skype is a free application to download. 
It is FREE to use for video calls and/or phone calls to any number in the world.

You can call me on SKYPE and I can provide a consultation by “virtual face-to-face” if you have a video camera connected to your computer. 
If you do not have a video camera you can still call me and we can talk, without viewing each other, at no cost for the call.

Contact me to get my Skype number and arrange a consultation time.

Interview preparation and rehearsal.

I can assist you with interview preparation and a mock interview.
When an appointment is made I email you a file to read and general questions to prepare. I then use the Duty Statement and Selection Criteria to prepare a number of questions a panel might ask and email them to you 2-3 days before seeing me so your answers can be prepared.

Our session together takes 90 minutes and we go through preparation for the interview and how to present yourself positively. I ask general and hypothetical questions then your special questions and give you feedback on your answers.

We discuss the questions you might ask at the interview and prepare a final statement. This will give you much more confidence.

Make the appointment 4-7 days before the interview by phone on 9385 8174. My fee is $130, paid on the day.

If you cannot attend an interview preparation session I can prepare the questions for you and email them to you along with the Interview Preparation file as above. The fee for this is $40.


Resume preparation

What help do you need?

  • You don’t have any résumé at all and need one.
  • You need to smarten up your current résumé and make it look more professional.
  • You need a general résumé to send out to possible employers in a general area of work.
  • You need a résumé targeted on a specific job that has a duty statement and/or a selection criteria, to accompany your application letter.
  • You are required to respond to the selection criteria in a résumé.
  • You need a résumé suitable for a senior position.

I can assist you with any of these. You could be asked for a C.V. or a résumé but it is usually the same thing. A full C.V. is rarely needed. A résumé is the short version of about four pages.

If at all possible, I like to have a face-to-face session with you to discuss what you need and take down the necessary information, get details of tickets, licences or qualifications and copy any relevant documents. That takes about 90 minutes. If that is not possible it can be done by email.

If you can do the typing yourself you can save money. After our session together, you go home and, using the template I give you, type it and send it to me for editing and formatting etc. It may go back and forth between us a few times until we are both satisfied. The standard fee is $130.

If after our initial meeting you wish me to type it completely and send you the draft for checking and additions etc. the fee could be as high as $160 depending on the length of the résumé.

The best way to start is to email me your current résumé and tell me what you want. I can then comment on it and give you a firm quote.

The turn-around time is usually about three days.